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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello.. i just found your website and i like it! I love park myung soo as well ^^
    I want to ask something, sorry if it’s not in the right place before ><
    Do u know the episode of infinity challenge where :
    1. Yoo jae suk bring birthfay cake to park myung soo and he blow the candle
    2. Park myung soo and yoo jae suk run towards each other and hugging

    i only see a short clip of that and want to watch the whole episode..
    thank you!!!

  2. Excuse me, I have a difficultly in joining PMS DAUM cafe.It said I have to comfirm my real identity,but I am not an Korean or living in Koera,how can i join his fan club??

    1. I tried long time ago to join to his fanclub, but is too complicated.I am not member of his official fanclub. You need a daum email (it is kind of easy to create a daum email) but that email need be confirmed that is used by a human and not a bot. For that confirmation, i think the foreigners must to send an email to daum with their id or passport or something that confirms that you are human being. After that, click on that brown mini banner from his fanclub(the main page, left side), it requires a password (the password is the name of his fanclub “devils”) and another thing (i don’t remember exactly) .
      I tried to join at his fanclub more than a year ago but i failed.
      Maybe things changed and are more easy but i don’t think so.

  3. hi, i am trying to watch infinity challenge ep 268 eng sub from your website, however i need a password to unlock the file, could i have the password? thanks

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