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Top Excellence Award 버라이어티 남자최우수상

Model Jang Yoon-ju, pictured, will be the host of the upcoming show, “Get It Beauty 2018” on the cable channel On Style, which will premiere in January.
The channel said on Wednesday, “With Jang as the host, we are expecting her to lead the show powerfully as she has always done in other variety shows.” Han Su-min, a dermatologist and the wife of popular comedian Park Myung-soo will also be featured on the show as one of the experts.


17.12 Han Su Min birthday


Zia reveals touching ballad cover of Park Myung Soo’s ‘Dear. My Fool’

The MV stars actress Chae Jung Ahn as a woman who happens to come across a past love and can’t let him go. “Dear. My Fool” was originally released by Park Myung Soo in 2008 as a love song for his wife just 2 days before their wedding. Poet Won Tae Yeon and songwriter Minuki wrote the lyrics about Park Myung Soo’s real-life love story.

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Park Myung Soo and Han Su Min couple

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Korean Baby Hears For The First Time After This Celebrity Paid For The Entire Surgery

Comedian Park Myung Soo surprised everyone by paying to insert an artificial cochlea to help this baby hear for the first time!

The child’s parents couldn’t afford the expensive surgery, and when Park Myung Soo heard their story, he made a donation that would cover it in full.

Thanks to Park Myung Soo’s generous donation, the child is now able to hear his parents’ voices for the first time and continue growing as a normal child.

His parents revealed that they never knew how much their son loved to dance and sing to music until now.

They wrote a letter expressing how thankful they are to Park Myung Soo.

Netizens were amazed to find that Park Myung Soo gave so much happiness to this family because of his usual TV personality that’s full of anger and selfishness.

But Park Myung Soo has actually been donating for kids with hearing loss since 2015!

It’s been reported that Park Myung Soo is a little taken aback by his “secret” having been revealed.

But fans are grateful to the guardian angel who helped a young boy hear for the first time!