Park Myung Soo’s wife confirmed as fixed member on ‘Single Wife’


Looks like Park Myung Soo‘s wife Han Soo Min‘s wishes have come true. It’s revealed she’s been cast as a fixed member of the travel reality show ‘Single Wife‘.

Previously on a broadcast of ‘Infinity Challenge‘, the comedian’s wife expressed her desire to participate in her own promotional activities. It seems as though broadcasters have heard her desires as SBS confirmed her participation in the new variety program.

A rep stated, “Park Myung Soo’s wife Han Soo Min has been chosen to be a permanent cast member for our pilot program ‘Single Wife’. She has already started filming.” Hearing this, Park Myung Soo, who is also a host of the show, stated, “If this show becomes a fixed program, then I will optimistically monitor my wife’s appearance.”

‘Single Wife’ is a reality show about stay-at-home moms who take a break from home duties while their husbands observe and understand the inner workings and thoughts of their wives.


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