4-year-old boy hears for the first time thanks to Park Myung Soo

Park Myung Soo lent a kind hand by making generous do
nations for the deaf.

It’s been reported that Park Myung Soo made donations each month since last year to ‘Snail of Love‘, a deaf association, and thanks to his continuous support, a 4-year-old deaf boy was recently able to receive surgery.

‘Snail of Love’ confirmed the reports to be true, and shared, “The parents of the boy are very grateful toward Park Myung Soo. Another child is planning to receive surgery as well.”

Previously, it was also revealed that Park Myung Soo has been donating to the charity organization, ‘Beautiful Fund‘, since 2003. His continuous kind acts are warming up many hearts.


Park Myung Soo’s continuous good deeds are bringing joy to many!

According to a source on December 16, Park Myung Soo has been donating every month to The Snail of Love organization to help children with hearing impairments ever since last year. Recently, a patient was able to receive treatment thanks to Park Myung Soo’s donation.

The patient is a four-year-old boy who was able to receive surgery for an artificial cochlea. The organization confirmed this news, saying, “The child and his parents are very grateful towards Park Myung Soo. Another child will also be receiving treatment soon.”

Park Myung Soo has been donating to Beautiful Fund organization for 13 years starting from 2003, making fans call him the “angel of donations.”

What a heartwarming surprise!


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