Yang Se Hyung reveals he was able to adjust well to ‘Infinity Challenge’ thanks to Kwanghee’s kindness

Comedian Yang Se Hyung talked about Kwanghee’s kindness off camera on ‘Infinity Challenge’!

He had an interview with ‘Section TV’ on the 24th, where he was asked about his ‘Infinity Challenge’ appearance. Yang Se Hyung answered, “I was worried because there are such big sunbaes there. But as soon as I got there, Kwanghee came over and starting joking around with me. I was so thankful.” When asked what Kwanghee did, he answered, “You know how his voice is even higher than mine? He came up and said, ‘Hi! It’s so nice to meet you. Have you eaten yet? We’re going to eat now, so what do you want? Come sit here. Myung Soo-hyung, move aside so he can sit!”

He also joked, “Park Myung Soo sunbaenim told me, right before our filming, ‘Be comfortable’. But that made me more uncomfortable.”


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