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According to reports, PMS sent over some flowers and gift money to the wedding of one of his fans that was present during the “I’m your biggest fan camp” special. PMS was unable to come to the wedding himself due to scheduling conflicts and the report states that PMS and his fans continue to be in touch after the special

Infinity Challenge staff have issued an apology for the PMS Wig Controversy going around right now. I would explain it in detail but the apology should cover the main points

“This is the Infinity Challenge staff, last Saturday, we aired the “Zero Complaint” special where the the members resolved complaints from viewers.
One of these viewer complaints was “Please make it so that PMS looks like he has a lot of hair. In order to resolve this, PMS visited a wig shop.

In a rush to find a place where we can record, we asked for help from the wig company that is operated by PMS’s brother and ended up recording there.

We had no intentions of promoting this wig shop, we also didn’t think there would be any promotional value given the contents of the segment.

Because we only focused on the contents going on air, we did not think though our choice of recording location more carefully. For this we are sincerely sorry.”

Posted Image
Posted Image
PMS also issued an apology on his Instagram.

“First off, I sincerely apologize for causing a lot of concern. Infinity Challenge strives hard every episode to give you sincere laughter but due to news related to me, it is causing viewers a lot of discomfort, for which I feel sorry about. I wasn’t sure where I should start explaining things and so my apology has been late. I’m very sorry about this.

2 weeks ago, I got a request from the IC staff about getting recording permission at my brother’s wig store to do a wig recording. I wanted to help the staff as much as possible, who were hurriedly looking for locations, so I recommended the store in Gyeongi-do Seongnam Boondang and we immediately began recording there.

The wig expert that appeared on air was someone I took a picture with when the store was first opened but we had no other relations and we were on awkward terms on the day of the recording.

There was an article that stated that I said that this was the first time I have visited this wig store. It appears that one of the wig store employees didn’t check to see what my actual relations with the store was, which seems to caused this misunderstanding.

I will also provide some explanation about whether “Park Myung Soo’s Wig Tales” is my company or not.

In 2007, my brother opened an internet store related to hair powders called <Geosung Dot Com>, which was then renamed to <Geosung GNC>. However <Park Myung Soo’s Hair Tales> which appeared on air is a company that my brother setup by himself in 2012. Because of this I had this misguided opinion that the company had no direct relations with me and so I just thought of it as just another recording location.

Also I didn’t think it would be a problem since the company branding would not be shown on air. However given that the company name has my own name in it and my photos are present on the home page and store, I should have realized that this could be seen as self-promoting. This was entirely my mistake.

Given that this is my brother’s company, I should have thought this through more carefully before making a decision. But all I did was think about how well the recording went and that I’ll be able to make viewers laugh a lot. I was a real idiot. I apologize once again for this.

In future, as an IC Member, I strive to be much more responsible during recording and work hard to provide viewers with even bigger laughs.”

And the backlash~

There has been an article or two already posted after the apology from PMS that talks about the fact that PMS seemed to be side-stepping the issue and not addressing all the points.

A lot of it comes down to PMS trying to claim that the company had no direct relations with him and why they couldn’t just say on air that it was his brother’s company and that they’ve met the wig expert before. Stuff about betraying viewer expectations and what not.

Surprisingly thou, it seems like PMS’s quickish apology and explanation has done enough to somewhat quell the fire. It seems like viewers aren’t that annoyed by it, especially since the contents on air didn’t really come across as being promotional in any sort of manner.

Regardless an issue is still an issue and so they need to be more careful in future


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