[News] Park Myung Soo’s surprisingly sweet love story with wife revealed on ‘The List’

On the latest episode of tvN’s ‘The List 2015’, comedian Park Myung Soo and his wife Dr. Han Soo Min’s love story was revealed!

Park’s wife, who is 8 years the comedian’s junior, possesses both beauty and brains. She is a graduate from Korea University’s School of Dentistry and earned her doctor’s certificate in America. She is currently working at a dermatologist’s clinic after completing her training at Samsung Hospital.

Every anniversary, Park Myung Soo sends his wife flowers as a way to express his affection. The comedian even considered how his wife would feel about him appearing on ‘Brave Family’ with another actress and surprised his wife with a gift. Even during the interview, he answered his wife’s call and told her he loved her. It seems Park is quite the romantic man, which you would never be able to guess from his risible and at times ridiculous antics on TV.

During the busiest period of his career in 2006, Park Myung Soo could hardly keep in contact with his wife after being introduced to her. Physically meeting his future wife was especially difficult because at the time, she was attending residency at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital.

On the show, it was revealed that Park Myung Soo approached Han Soo Min a total of fourteen times and even got on the plane to America every time he wanted to see her. In the end, after much trial and tribulation, the comedian was able to win over Dr. Han’s heart and score a marriage with her.

source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/05/park-myung-soos-surprisingly-sweet-love-story-with-wife-revealed-on-the-list


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