Park Myung Soo Is a True Romanticist, Proposed to His Wife 14 Times
Comedian Park Myung Soo is a man of determination, proposing to his wife 14 times before she accepted.

On the episode of tvN’s “The List 2015” that aired on May 25, Han Soo Min, Park Myung Soo’s wife, is picked sixth place under the theme “Wives worth thanking the gods.”

The couple’s love story is also revealed, showing the comedian’s romantic side. Not only did he propose to his wife 14 times, but he also flew to New York several times to meet his wife, who was studying overseas in the U.S. His determination and perseverance is what made the relationship possible.

“I had received eight pictures before being set up on a date, but when I saw my wife, I felt currents running through my body,” Park Myung Soo says.

Meanwhile, the comedian also shows his love for his wife by sending her bouquets every wedding anniversary.



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