Netizens: Park Myungsoo And His Wife Park Myungsoo, “Couple Shot With Wife Han Soomin… Such A Topic Maker”

Park Myungsoo, “Couple Shot With Wife Han Soomin… Such A Topic Maker”

One of the reasons why this got so much attention is due to the privacy Park Myungsoo tends to keep with his family! He has also not revealed his daughter on broadcasts. This particular selca circulated around and got much attention.

[22634+/457-] Although he looks like he doesn’t care in broadcasts, he’s truly a family man.

[15874+/291-] You’re a beauty..ㅎㅋ

[15242+/221-] Don’t touch his wife~~

[13924+/247-] ㅋㅋ This is on Naver’s main page ㅋ Wife-nim is really pretty

[11888+/207-] Such lovey-dovey image is nice to look at ~ Myungsoo-ong your wife is a beauty!!!!!!!

[1727+/59-] Park Myungsoo is with his manager for 7 years? They’ve been working together this long.. If Park Myungsoo truly acts the way he does on broadcast, he wouldn’t last 1 year let alone 7 years and would have quitted. Looking at that he seems to be really friendly and a good guy.

[1506+/51-] Han Soomin-ssi… She came from Korea University.. Her face is also pretty.. Wa really, she has it all.. Park Myungsoo must be happy ㅋㅋ

[1378+/80-] She came from Korea University and did her residency in John Hopkin’s Hospital. Respect.

[1245+/39-] Wa~ Really a beauty. Even if Park Myungsoo and his wife appear to have a bad relationship, the reality is different!!



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