Old News: Simon D reveals, “Park Myung Soo speaks in honorary terms to his wife”

Simon D has revealed a candid camera on Park Myung Soo. In the episode of MBC’s Quiz to Change the World that aired on January 19 at 11:30 p.m., Park Myung Soo was added to the panel of fixed emcees and the guests for the episode were Jung Jun Ha, Lee Yoon Seok, Hwang Hyun Hee, Simon D, and Han Moo. Simon D spoke, “When I was part of the cast of Hot Brothers, we had a shooting overseas one day. Because we had some time until our flight, we were having a beer in the pub nearby the airport when his wife called. He spoke in the most honorary terms to his wife and even stuttered, ‘Is Min… Min Seo all right?’” Simon brought a video as an evidence for his words and it was taken as a candid camera. Just like he has explained, Park seems flustered throughout his conversation with his wife and when he hangs up, he jokes, ‘It’s a hard life” which inspired a big laugh at the studio. Park did not even know that he was being recorded and gave a further explanation to the video saying, “Well, my wife is worried about me,” and revealed himself to be a devoted husband. source:  Korea.com



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