Park Myung Soo (38) held his wedding ceremony last night at Seoul Lotte Hotel with his wife, Han Soo Min (30) who is younger than him by 8 years and currently works as a dermatologist. The two was introduced to each other by friends in 2006 and dated for two years before finally deciding to tie the knot.

At the wedding, Park Myung Soo also played a music video that he had prepared beforehand which was titled, “Fool to…Fool” which got his wife tearing. This song was composed specially by Won Tae Yoon and Minuki and was released as a CD single on 4th April. Myung Soo can actually sing a ballad!

As the music video showed Park Myung Soo playing the piano and singing, his wife started tearing and everyone who watched this commented that the song prepared by Park Myung Soo was really very touching. The song emcompasses the twists and turns that their romance took in the past two years and with them finally becoming husband and wife yesterday, it took on even greater importance and was very meaningful to the both of them.

Before his wedding, he spoke at a press conference, “It’s an emotional day. Although ordinary, we will try our best to live our life and be a model couple.”

As for babies, Myung Soo said smilingly, “Looking at my age, if we were to have babies, when our children goes to university, I will be 60 years old already. So I hope to have babies real quick.” His words leading to laughters all around.

Park Myung Soo also showed his love for his wife, “My bride is very cute. I am quite a slow-witted person while she is really smart. She has many good points that I lack and so is someone who can complement me very well. She is also very honest and I believe she will take care of the family in a way that I like.

Park Myung Soo in Singapore